Hi Phil --

We've been in the tile business over 30 years, and during that time, our tile sales people have been former car salespeople, computer salespeople, furniture salespeople, and tile installers, as well as college students and interns. They had the ability to make sales because they had great sales chops, and we trained them to have a great working knowledge of tile and the tile industry. But few if any of these people had any design or drafting skills or training. We made sketches on small pieces of scratch paper, and if a customer did not have the ability to visualize their tile design from that scratch paper and a loose tile sample or concept board, they would leave to "think about it" and often did not return.

Precision Tile Pro has basically turned all of our salespeople into professional tile designers. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can enter the size of an area and fill it with tile with no difficulty or fanfare. I spent months looking at different CAD programs that were both expensive and extremely difficult for someone without extensive CAD training to use. In one morning, I was able to learn enough about PTP to train my salespeople to use it the following afternoon.

Now, we are able to secure sales more quickly, especially for those customers who are not able to visualize from sketches and samples. We can work with the customer to build a tile design right in front of their eyes. Even if the customer can't wait the few minutes it takes for us to knock out a simple design, we now take a $250 "design deposit" that the customer can apply to their purchase after we do the design work, locking in the sale and reducing the amount of time we spend "working for free."

I always hear from other showroom owners about the risk of time and resources in going to a customer's home to take measurements before the sale. PTP has eliminated this risk for us; it allows us to charge a fee for measurement and design services, because we can use the software to create a tangible product for the customer in the form of a professional, full color, rendered tile design. In fact, the first day we put PTP to work in our store, we had a customer come in and hire us to do just that, and we were able to recoup our investment in the software with that first sale alone.

After using the software for several months, we've only just now started to use PTP's quoting tools, and discover what a value they are. We can now show customer's an exact tile count that justifies square footage, so the customer feels more comfortable in the amount they're buying, and we avoid the problems that come with over- or under-estimating tile quantities.

Thanks for a great piece of software as well as great support to back it up. We look forward to even more functionality in future versions.

Best regards,
Stuart Nelson
VP Sales + Marketing
Doma Kitchen & Bath Showroom
Bridgeport, PA