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"By the way, I love your software, it's working great. I want to tell colleagues in my business about it, but I don't want my competition to find out about it. I feel like I have a higher level of service with my customers that sets me apart from my competition."

- Scott Callaway, Montrose PA


At Laurel Creek Software we are committed to delivering top quality software and outstanding service. We look forward to doing business with you.

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What's New

Precision Tile PRO is now available as a subscription

Precision Tile Pro is now available for a low monthly fee of just $24.95, making all the power of our Pro edition affordable for do-it-yourselfers and others who only require the software for a short time.

Precision Tile Pro

Monthly Subscription
  • For the do-it-yourselfer
  • Low pay-as-you-go pricing
Perpetual License
  • For tile designers, installers and retailers
  • Affordable one-time cost

Laurel Creek Software Releases Precision Tile Pro 2.1

Precision Tile Pro Laurel Creek Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of Precision Tile Pro. This version includes bug fixes, new patterns and performance enhancements sure to make PT Pro even more of a pleasure to use.

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Precision Tile Pro Helps Tile Retailers Boost Sales

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA -- Two years in the making, Precision Tile Pro 2.0 allows tile retailers to plan and quote tile layouts as they generate drawings for customers, the company said. According to Phil Rittenhouse, president of Laurel Creek Software, the software helps tile retailers close more sales while reducing costs....read the full article.

Laurel Creek Software Releases Precision Tile Pro 2.0

Precision Tile Pro Laurel Creek Software is pleased to announce another leap forward in tile layout design and visualization software. Version 2.0 of Precision Tile Pro adds many powerful new features, including:

  • Scale Image Import - perfect for importing architectural floor plans (see example below) or drawings of bath and kitchen fixtures
  • The Dimension Line Tool - easily add dimension lines to your drawings
  • Import Tile Images from .jpg .gif .png and .tif files.
  • Export Quotes to .csv files for import into Excel or other accounting software
  • Curved Polygon Sides - great for archways, curved walls etc.
  • Advanced Printing:
    • Printing in standard and custom scales
    • Printing across multiple sheets
    • Support for professional high-resolution printers

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Import floor plans

Precision Tile PRO Video Now On-Line!

Laurel Creek Software's new Precision Tile PRO video is now available on-line.

Click to watch Precision Tile PRO demo video

This video demonstrates many of the advanced features found only in Precision Tile PRO. Features such as Material List and Quote Generation, the Tile Insert tool, the Polygon Assistant, and Grouped Objects. To view the video please click here.

Laurel Creek Software Releases Precision Tile Pro

Precision Tile Pro Even though Precision Tile was designed primarily for the do-it-yourselfer, many tile professionals have come to depend on it daily to generate designs for their customers. But pro's have special requirements and many have contacted us to request new features. Features like:

  • Quote Generation
  • File Export
  • Professional Quality Printouts
  • Click-to-Change Tile Colour
  • Floor Plan Generation
  • Snap Modes
  • Custom Objects
You spoke and we listened. Laurel Creek Software is proud to announce the release of the first edition of our tile layout software designed with tile professionals in mind - Precision Tile Pro !

Precision Tile Demo Video Now On-Line!

Click to watch Precision Tile demo video Our first in a series of instructional videos is now available on-line. This video walks through the steps required to lay out a simple bathroom floor. You will see how quickly you can go from a hand drawn sketch to a complete layout plan showing exactly where your cuts will lie and how your tile and grout colours will look in your room. To view the video click here.

Laurel Creek Software Releases Precision Tile 3.0

Precision Tile 3.0We are proud to announce the release of version 3.0 of our flagship product Precision Tile. Precision Tile is an easy to use, yet powerful, tile layout planning and visualization tool. It can be used to plan ceramic tile, porcelain, marble or vinyl floor and wall layouts, even dropped ceilings. Version 3.0 adds advanced tile border and inlay features, a grout and thinset estimator, new layout patterns, and more!

If you've ever tried to design a ceramic tile layout and thought "There must be a better way", Precision Tile is for you!

Thousands of users from all over the world have chosen Precision Tile when they needed tile design software. To find out why please click here.

Precision Tile Discussion Forum Now Open

Precision Tile users now have a place to swap ideas, share tips and ask questions in our new Precision Tile Forum. Check out the archives, share your favourite tile layout or discuss any other tiling subject matter you like.