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"By the way, I love your software, it's working great. I want to tell colleagues in my business about it, but I don't want my competition to find out about it. I feel like I have a higher level of service with my customers that sets me apart from my competition."

- Scott Callaway, Montrose PA

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Precision Tile PRO

Your time is valuable. That's why we created Precision Tile Pro. It combines the ease-of-use of a simple drawing program with time saving features usually only found in expensive CAD applications.

Easy as 1-2-3

Creating a tile layout in Precision Tile Pro can be done in just 3 easy steps. After gathering all your measurements you Draw the tile area, Draw the intrusions into the area and Experiment!

Click to see full sizeStep 1: Draw out the area to be tiled. Usually this will just be a simple rectangle but more complex layouts are also supported through the use of the Polygon tool. Then fill the area with your desired tile pattern.

Click to see full sizeStep 2: Draw the intrusions into the tiled area. Intrusions included anything you will need to tile around. For a floor project intrusions would include walls, cabinets, toilet etc.

Click to see full sizeStep 3: Experiment! Try different tile colours and sizes and see them with your existing cabinets, wall colours, etc. Adjust the tile position and the grout width to create the most attractive layout. Even add tile borders, inlays and more.


But Precision Tile Pro isn't just east to use, it adds many powerful time saving tools like:

  • Quote Generator - Automatically generates a quote based on your design
  • Scale Image Import - Great for doing take-offs from architectural floor plans or importing drawings of bath and kitchen fixtures.
  • Polygon Assistant - Quickly generates floor plans from room measurements
  • Tile Insert Tool - Quickly and easily changes the colour of individual tiles or adds inserts at any angle
  • Snap to Angle and Snap to Object - Quickly and accurately draw and align objects
  • Grouped Objects - Groups simple objects together to create new more complex objects
  • Image Export - Exports your drawing to a variety of image formats - perfect for emailing or importing into other applications

Feature List

FeaturesPrecision Tile PRO
Dozens of tile patterns you can customize with your own angle, tile size, tile colours and grout colour
Tile Scrolling tool to find the optimal layout
Tile Counting tool
Support for tile borders and inlays
1000s of tile images
Support for user supplied tile images
Grout and Thinset Estimator
Metric and Imperial measurements
Quote generation
Scale Image Import
Polygon Assistant
Curved Polygons
Tile Insert Tool
Grouped Objects
Object Rotation
Dimension Line Tool
High-Quality scale printouts
Snap to Object and Snap to Angle modes
Infinite Undo and Redo
Free Technical Support
Free updates

"We’ve been using Precision Tile Pro with great success here...it’s been great to help customers who cannot visualize a tile design from a single sample, and by doing so it’s speeded up the sale process and gotten us sales that we might have otherwise lost."

- Stuart Nelson, Bridgeport PA

Scale Image Import

You can use the Scale Image feature to import scale drawings of kitchen and bath fixtures directly into Precision Tile Pro drawings. This toilet, for example, was imported from the manufacturer's design drawing. Just enter a known dimension during import and Precision Tile Pro can draw the object to scale in your drawings.

Scale fixture import example

You can also use the Scale Image feature to import entire floor plans. By defining just one known dimension in the image, Precision Tile Pro can draw the entire floor plan to scale. Then it's a simple matter of adding tile to complete your layout.

Scale floor plan import example

Polygon Assistant

Just enter the length and direction of each wall or enter the position of each corner of the room. The assistant will do the rest - automatically generating a polygon to match your floorplan.

Curved Polygons

Precision Tile Pro allows you to curve the sides of a polygon to create smooth curves for walls, archways, counter tops and more.

Curved polygon example

Tile Insert Tool

Just point and click to add a tile insert, accent tile or even create your own mosaic. For example, with just a few mouse clicks the Tile Insert tool quickly transforms a simple backsplash into a design with flair:

Tile Insert Example

Grouped Objects

The basic drawing objects (line, rectangle, polygon, ellipse etc.) can be grouped together to create new, reusable objects. Grouped objects can be scaled, rotated or moved just like regular objects. Using Copy and Paste you can quickly build a custom library of frequently used objects to reuse in your drawings.

Grouped Objects Example

To learn more about using Precision Tile Pro you can download the on-line help. If you get the message "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled" when you open the help file, you need to open your download folder in Windows Explorer and right-click on the .chm file. Then select Properties and click Unblock.